New rich Conditional Access features with the Intune Ibiza Portal

Microsoft has started migrating Intune from the old Silverlight to the new Azure Ibiza portal which is HTML5 and PowerShell capable. The new Ibiza portal has lots of new features and one of them is Conditional Access!

How do I see Conditional Access in one sentence?

It’s the gatekeeper for giving you access to corporate resources or keeping you out!

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Group Based Licensing now in Preview in Azure AD!

If you are involved with mail migrations to Office 365 or enabling other Azure Active Directory/Office 365 services, you will need to set licenses for your users. For a project with 1 to 50 users this can be done fairly easy with some manual configuration. However if you have more than 100 or even thousands of users with the E3 or E5 SKU this becomes fast a complex task. Scripting with PowerShell and triggering on a successful event of AD Connect sync for example. I think everyone has thought:

“Why do we need to create complex PowerShell scripts as this should be an easy to configure option”

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Reporting mailbox migration progress in Power BI

I’m currently working on a global Active Directory consolidation and Exchange e-mail migration at a client and as with every project is nice/required to report about how the migrations are progressing. At first I was using a PowerShell script that exported all the details that I needed to a comma separated file. The content of the CSV was copied into Excel where I used some Pivot tables to get the actual numbers that I could use in my report.

As you can imagine this took a while to get everything ready (somewhere between one and two hours), so I was eager to find something new where my report was looking better and especially where the whole process was automated. The answer? Power BI! Continue reading “Reporting mailbox migration progress in Power BI”